Prep's Lower School Launches Cavalier Communications Center Mail Delivery Service

Prep's Lower School Launches Cavalier Communications Center Mail Delivery Service
Posted on 10/05/2017
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This week, Augusta Prep received a special delivery – one from a seemingly bygone era.

They call it the Cavalier Communications Center, a newly-introduced student-to-student mail service that harkens back to a time when handwritten notes delivered by postal service mail were the equivalent of today’s email, text, or Snapchat message.

Each day during a recess break in Prep’s Lower School, a group of student volunteers meet with 4th grade teacher Jennifer Mims at the Cavalier Communications Center sorting station – named after Prep’s Cavalier mascot - to devise a pick-up and delivery plan, and off they go to gather that day’s outgoing stamped mail from each of the Lower School’s classrooms.  Just like with the Post Office, there are certain rules for delivery within the halls of Prep’s Lower School – there must be a recipient name and address in the proper area of the envelope; there must be a return address listed in the upper left corner; and there must be a stamp.  Student workers walk the hallway of Prep’s Lower School to pick up the many awaiting letters in pickup boxes outside the door of each classroom.

Much like a home address, the classrooms have a specific number and road name address posted above their door.  Among others, there’s 5 Prep Parkway, 7 Hedgehog Hollow, and even 14 Flamingo Feather Drive.

Once the students pick up the outgoing mail, they gather back at the sorting station to process that mail to be examined for proper marking and stamps and then the mail item receives its own Cavalier Communications Center inked stamp of receipt.  After that, the students gather the sorted mail and redeliver the incoming mail back to the boxes outside of each classroom from grades 1-4. The plan is to add Kindergarten into the mix after this coming February.    Students say they love the idea as it teaches them about mail and it gets them writing letters.  Teachers are incorporating the concept into lesson plans and say they also are having fun writing letters back and forth.

Students are told that if they want to receive a letter, they must write one, and it’s best to ask questions in the mail they send to spur on a response.

Mrs. Mims, who was instrumental in starting the new program, said it’s an idea she remembered from when she was in school in the 5th grade, and she loves the fact that it has students writing by hand – a far cry from a day in which a text by thumb is the prevailing method of communication.

“It’s one of my favorite memories from when I was in school,” Mrs. Mims said. “…It’s just something I’ve always remembered, and I really wanted to bring that to our Lower School at Augusta Prep.”

Mrs. Mims said the new service has really caught on in the class.

“This program is bringing a lot of benefits to all of the classrooms that are involved.  Our third and fourth grade students have one-to-one Chromebooks, and we’re actually not allowing them to type the letters. They have to handwrite them.  Third grade is incorporating it with their cursive program and their letter writing program.  Second grade is incorporating it with Daily Fives, so they’re writing letters every day.  The kids are asking to write them for homework.  They’re just really, really enjoying the program.”

Lower Schooler Reese Little said she’s learned a lot about the importance of receiving and sending handwritten messages, and through the process she said she’s also learned “it helps you, in my opinion, with responsibility, because you have to get everything to the right place.”

And that’s a message sure to last the test of time.

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